With their sleek and open design, floating staircases have quickly gained popularity in modern architecture. But the features that make them so visually appealing – their open risers and use of negative space – also raise frequent safety concerns among homeowners.

Here’s what you need to know about the safety of floating staircases and how Cregger Construction ensures their floating stairs meet the highest safety standards.

Are Floating Stairs Safe?

Floating stairs, also known as cantilevered stairs, appear to float because they do not have visible supports between the treads. This design creates the illusion that the staircase is “floating” – a stunning visual flourish for any space, with a touch of modern elegance. Still, over the years, some have raised concerns regarding potential dangers surrounding their unique design.

In reality, floating stairs are every bit as safe as a traditional staircase.

Here’s why:

  • Building Codes and Regulations: One of the primary assurances of safety for floating staircases hails from adherence to local building codes and regulations. These codes specify critical safety features such as the maximum allowable gap between treads and required handrail heights and strengths. Stairs designed according to these codes prevent common hazards such as falls or slips through gaps​.

How Cregger Helps: All floating staircases designed and installed by Cregger Construction are 100% compliant with local building codes, ensuring they are safe for all users.

  • Structural Integrity: Ensuring the stability of floating staircases is critical. Designs must account for the dynamic and static forces the staircase will endure, preventing any flexing, sagging, or vibrations that could compromise its stability and safety. Proper engineering practices and adherence to building codes are essential to achieve this level of reliability.

How Cregger Helps: Our team uses robust materials and construction techniques that anchor treads securely to the wall or a hidden support system. Our approach guarantees that your new stairs are not only visually appealing but also strong and stable, capable of handling significant weight without risk of failure​.

  • Handrails and Guardrails: Floating stairs typically feature handrails and – if one side is exposed – guardrails, as well. These are not just functional but are integral to the safety of the staircase.

How Cregger Helps: We provide all necessary support components required to prevent falls and ensure that all staircases are designed strictly according to regulations, eliminating fall-through dangers for children and pets.

  • Material Selection and Slip Resistance: The materials used for your floating staircase significantly impact their overall safety. Materials that provide a good grip and are slip-resistant are important, particularly in high-traffic areas or environments where the risk of slips is higher.

How Cregger Helps: Cregger Construction prioritizes materials that enhance safety without compromising the aesthetic value of your installation. Choose from a variety of high-quality materials like wood, glass, or metal that align with your home’s overall design, and rest assured that each selection has been thoroughly tested to meet rigorous safety standards.

  • Professional Installation and Regular Inspection: Installation by experienced professionals is vital to ensure that floating stairs are safe and compliant with all safety standards. Routine inspections and maintenance are also recommended to maintain their safety and integrity over time​.
  • How Cregger Helps: With decades of experience constructing high-quality floating staircases, Cregger ensures that all installations are built to meet the most exacting safety standards.

For anyone considering adding a modern touch to their space with floating stairs, addressing these safety considerations is crucial. With Cregger Construction, you can be assured of both the aesthetic appeal and the safety of your floating staircase, making it a valuable addition to your home or business. Request your quote today.