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cable railings

Quality Improvements
Beautiful & Functional Designs

We take pride in offering quality workmanship, timely service, affordable rates, and warranties. Cregger Construction is a contractor service providing high-quality cable railings, floating stairs, deck resurfacing, and room remodels. Learn more about our services.

Cable Railings

With over three decades of expertise as a stair railing contractor in Carroll County, we understand that stair railings serve a dual purpose. Beyond their functional utility, they add a captivating visual presence and transform a staircase into a true work of art.

Floating Stairs

Floating stairs are an essential element of modern homes, imparting a distinctive work-of-art feel every time they catch the eye or are used. Designed with a single central beam supporting the treads, they create the illusion of weightlessness, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your space.


With a custom-built deck from Cregger Construction, homeowners can transform their outdoor spaces into a new haven of relaxation and recreation. Crafting stunning structures that align perfectly with your home’s architecture and lifestyle is our expertise. With premium materials and expert craftsmanship, we bring your dream deck to life, ensuring years of enjoyment and lasting memories.

Bathroom Remodels

Transform your bathroom into a personalized oasis. Cregger Construction’s skilled craftsmen will collaborate closely with you to elevate your home’s most unique – and most frequented – haven. From high-end fixtures to functional layouts, we’ll ensure every luxurious detail exceeds your expectations.

Basement Remodels

Cregger Construction understands that your basement should be more than just an undervalued storage space. They’re blank canvases waiting to be transformed into vibrant extensions of your home. From cozy retreats to versatile entertainment areas, our team specializes in unlocking the full potential of your basement.